The Invisible River Doth Flow

The morning started out sunny, but now the clouds creep in. Having left the colder high desert in favor of the lowlands of Palm Springs, I'm not too worried about inclement weather. However cold it gets here, it won't be as windy nor as icy as it was in the higher elevations. That and cloudy weather adds some drama and change from the typically endless blue skies of the Southern California deserts.

Two days ago, I continued my project in 29 Palms. Though cold, the sky was perfectly sunny and the air still. When working on a project like this, every day is a fresh start and a new hunt for subjects and moments. So, like a burglar looking for targets, off I cruised in and around town.


I ended up at the 29 Palms Hotel, one of those timelessly hip boutique desert retreats that draws the a monied, artistic crowd. I came to photograph, but decided to make the bar my office for the afternoon. That turned into dinner which turned into late night drinks and a stay in their parking lot. 

This woman first befriended me, then, after a few drinks, berated me, and then finally decided to tolerate me.


The next morning, the howling wind let me know that it was time to head down the hill into Palm Springs.