California Bloodlines in My Heart

Last year, I drove along this section of coast on my way to San Francisco. Because I had places to be and people to meet, I couldn't stop at this wild coastline just south of Half Moon Bay. Since then, I'd been dreaming of returning with my camera in hand. Yesterday I got my chance.  I trekked down the precipitously steep trail down to the beach from the cliffs above. Like a splendid Christmas dinner all set for awaiting guests, the setting sun, misty air, the golden sand and elegant vertical cliffs greeted me and my camera with a sumptuous holiday feast.

The moment reminded me of an old John Stewart song covered by Dave Alvin. John Stewart, of the Kingston Trio, lived not too far from me in San Diego up until he died a few years ago. Guitar great Dave Alvin grew up not far from me in LA. Anyhow, the song and the moment resonates:

Had I been born in New York City
A New York City girl I'd know
Workin' in the concrete, not the sunlight
Livin' in the New York rain and snow

Oh, there's California Bloodlines in my heart
And a California woman in my song
Oh, there's California Bloodlines in my heart
And a California heartbeat in my soul

And just to think I might have never known you
If I had lived my life in Tennessee
But I really could have never let that happen
For you and California are in me

Here's the link on iTunes. It's a great soundtrack for this series.

john_mireles_san mateo coastline 3.jpg
john_mireles_san mateo beach.jpg
john_mireles_san mateo beach 2.jpg
john_mireles_cliffs san mateo beachjpg

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to everyone!