Today, I untether myself. I'm hitting the road without knowing where I'm going nor for how long. Could be days, could be weeks. I have no clients banging on my door. No shoots scheduled. Enough cash in the bank. My traveling companions a 23 foot motorhome, various camera systems and a portable lighting kit. Though I have some vague ideas for subjects and themes, the clearest visual in my head is me idly making my way like Alec Soth road tripping down the Mississippi. 

Since I'm in San Diego, driving west isn't an option. So instead I head east, into the desert. Perhaps a photo series or two may emerge. Hopefully I'll finish that book proposal I've been working on. With my iPhone connected to my Macbook Pro, no one will even know I'm gone. 

But if none of that works out, I might just go rock climbing in Joshua Tree.