Neighbors Project Concord, NH

When shooting on the road, some days are good, some days are hard. My day of shooting in Concord, New Hampshire was a good one. I set up shop right on the bustling main street near the historic center of town and had no problem attracting willing subjects. After a few days where it's like pulling teeth, it's nice to have a gimmie sort of day. 

I decided to stop in Concord only because it was situated nicely on the map between where I was and where I wanted to go. Like most of my stops, I had little idea of where to set up as I exited the highway and made my way into the center of town. 

Unlike most of the Midwestern towns I've been to which have seen their town centers whither away, Concord's main street is a hive of independent shops and professional offices. On the streets, no shortage of dog walkers, students, office workers, lawyers, and shoppers strode along attending to their daily business. All were surprisingly friendly. Out of the dozens of people I approached, only few declined.

I saw this woman skating down the street and I literally chased after her. She stood out with her shocking hair, black skin and colorful attire. Not surprisingly, she's originally from Florida.