Storefront Project Gallery, Sept 19-30

West Village, Manhattan 2018

West Village, Manhattan 2018

I'm pleased to announce the opening for my first gallery exhibition in New York City on Wednesday, September 19th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at the StorefrontProject in the Lower East Side. Entitled "Surreptitious," the show will run from September 17 to September 30. 30 works ranging in size from 20x24 to 52x80 will be on display.

Public Installation
As implied by its name, the exhibition consists of images taken on the streets of New York City without the knowledge nor permission of the individuals photographed. In keeping with my theme of public engagement, I'll also be installing portfolios of the work in several streetside locations so that passersby and interested viewers alike may experience the work. In this exhibition, I'm experimenting with the idea of returning street photography back to the streets where it was created. 

Five portfolios printed on vinyl will be wired to fences in and around the Lower East Side neighborhood where the Storefront Project is located. Gallery visitors will be encouraged to view the work by rewarding them with a small print if they post an image from all five portfolios on Instagram. Likewise, passersby will be able to learn more about the work by use of #surreptitious on the prints and be invited to view the gallery exhibition.  

Stay tuned for the results of this installment in my ongoing experiment of installing photography in public spaces. What will happen? Who knows?