Alaska Portraits

Thanks to all in Anchorage who were kind enough to participate in my project and allow me to take your photograph. The exhibition is scheduled to go up in the Anchorage Museum on September 15, 2017. I'm on the road until June 1 and will only have limited access to high speed internet so if you don't see your photo up at this time, it will be posted after June 1. My apologies for the delay.

Anchorage Fire and Police Department Photos may be viewed here.
Photos from the Alaska Native American Tribal Consortium may be found here.
If I photographed you at the South Side Farmers Market, please click here to view your images.
Photos from the Sullivan Arena Graduation may be viewed here.
To view your portrait taken at the Natural Pantry supermarket, please click here.
Visitors to the Northway Mall near Mountain View may view their portraits here.
Portraits taken at the Anchorage Soup Kitchen may be viewed by clicking here. 
Parishoners from the Shiloh Baptist Church in Anchorage may view their photos here.
To view your photos taken at St. John's Orthodox Church in Eagle River, please click here.
Williwa Club photos may be found here.

If you don't see the location where you were photographed listed above, please click here.